Friday, May 31, 2013

Spring Time in Oklahoma

This is what was seen just east of us yesterday.  We heard the sirens going off and immediately turned on the news.  I could see the storm from our back porch.  Kind of scary.  A little earlier in the day some rotation went over us and I could see it.  Kind of crazy.  I have never seen such beautiful yet horrifying cloud formation in my life. 

I am not posting this to scare family that has been worried about us.  I just really wanted to save this picture and memory of this.  Along with showing the power of spring.  Just one more reason for me to not like spring time (besides all the allergies I have).  Nature sure does amazing things.

(Because it is a panorama you might have to click on it to see the whole thing)


Natalie said...

Ummmm... Wow!!! Time to move!!!

Angela said...

oh wow. Did you take this picture?

Nature is amazing. Makes me glad my brother is under extra protection from Heavenly Father as he serves his mission.

I am betting there are plenty of prayers being said to keep you safe as well. Enjoy the phenomenon as much as possible.