Sunday, June 1, 2008

Porter's Amazing Tricks

Porter has just turned 16 months and loves to play around with all sorts of things. His new favorite thing is mom's purse. I guess it works good as a necklace too. He will take it off and put it on for a long time before he gets bored. He also does it with necklaces and anything that he can find that is long. Like tape measures, string, really big rubber bands, his sunglasses, etc. We just have to make sure that he doesn't choke himself.

He also has learned the motions to a song, and it is now his favorite. He will sing it (well, let you sing it while he does the motions). You'll have to see if you can guess what he's doing.

We can't believe how big he is getting now. He is a little thirsty for knowledge and will try and do whatever you do including cooking, tickling, speaking on the phone, etc. It is amazing to watch him grow. He can also run now so it is a little more of a challenge to keep up with him.