Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My cute kids

Lottie is getting so big and is climbing on everything.....and I mean everything!  She is also running now everywhere she goes.  She is in the 88th percentile for height, and in the 12th percentile for weight.  We decided today that she has the Ricks genes and will just always be tall and skinny....lucky girl.

Porter and Adie love each other.  My favorite is their embrace after school every day when Porter gets off the bus.  They really do miss each other throughout the day.

Lottie loves it when Porter pushes her around on the tricycle and she smiles the whole time.  Aren't they cute?

And this is what happens when your 10 year old digital camera gives up the ghost.  The shutter speed is now so slow, there is no way to capture pictures unless we did like they did in the early camera days with posts behind them to help them hold still until the picture was taken.  (Apple Dumpling Gang is what I picture in my mind).  So we don't have any more pictures and won't until we are able to find a camera that we want.  Sorry, I have already missed some great moments that I wish I had pics of.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

You know you are in Oklahoma when....

Well, first things first.  A was invited to her first birthday party of someone we didn't know before.  I am glad we went as we were the only ones who came that weren't family.  Anyway, it was a My Little Pony birthday and so I decided to make a necklace for the little girl.  I am quite pleased at how it turned out.  Yeah for me and the help of my wonderful hubby!

A has been getting lonely without her brother home and gets sad on and off.  But the good thing about it is that her and L have really had some good bonding time and really like each other now.  What a blessing because they used to just tolerate each other.  Anyway, so one day she was really sad so we decided to make spiral cookies.  They were hard to do and took way too much time in my opinion, but she sure did love them and actually just asked to make them again.  They were good though.

I walked into my kids room the other day to help clean up so I P could vacuum and this is what I saw.  AAAHHH IT'S A GIANT POTATO BUG EATING CINDERELLA!!!!!  I was laughing pretty hard.

And to the title of this post.  I just looked outside our front window and this is what I saw.....our neighbor across the street practicing his bow shooting as hunting season is just around the corner.  I thought that was funny.  If Eric wasn't working I think he probably would have gone out and talked to the guy to ask him where to go hunting and if he can tag along.  He was a pretty good shot too, or at least it looked like to me.  I think most people here do bow hunting and Eric doen't have a bow yet.  Someday.  Anyway, I thought it was funny.