Sunday, May 17, 2009

Behind again...

So I keep getting behind. I try hard to keep up but too many things happen all the time to do that, so, oh well.

Mother's Day

I had an absolutely wonderful mother's day with my hubby and two kids. The day started with Eric letting me sleep in and then bringing me breakfast in bed. Porter and Eric even made me flowers. This is what they looked like.
They are beautiful and never die. Then we got marigolds at church for being moms. And Eric made a wonderful meal for us. Thanks honey for all you do!

This is the biggest green pepper I have ever seen. Those of you that go to county fairs might have seen bigger, but this is from the grocery store. You can see what it looked like next to this normal sized apple. It's HUGE! I couldn't believe it so I had to take a picture. I even measured it, it was almost 5" in diameter. Crazy, eh?

I still can't believe it.
6 months
Adie turned 6 months this week. I can't even believe how old she is. Her new stats are 17 lbs 12.5 oz. and 27.5" long. She is getting so big. She is knawing on her fingers like there is no tomorrow. I guess her teething toys just aren't good enough. She has been getting so frustrated at herself when she can't get her arms and hands to do what she wants them to do. She is going to be one busy little girl when body parts get under control. I guess she has a lot to do in this life. She is all but sitting, but she has to do it on her own. If Eric or I sit her up she just tips over. But she rolls from her tummy to her side and then props herself up on her arm so she can play with the toy she just got to.
She is also making lots of sounds and trying to keep up with her brother (which by the way also frustrates her). And Porter doesn't really like to leave her side. He is so good to her most of the time and always wants to hold her. And he tells me when she is sad, or when she is silly. It is funny. She is getting in her blonde hair that is mainly growing on the top. Kind of funny, but GREAT for hair bows.
With Porter though, I think that he is looking more and more like Carl and Stephen every day. Isn't that crazy? He is asking what everything is and trying to say them after we do. I love it when he says new words. His r's still aren't quite there yet, but he'll get it. I don't know if you can tell in this picture but both Adie and Porter have the most beautiful blue eyes. I hope they stay that way. He is also my little helper. He likes to do anything that I am doing. Today he helped me make the strawberry shortcake and laughed the whole time. I just love him to pieces.

Another bit of Randomness....
I just thought I would share this fun movie of Porter playing with Adie. He started this out of no where and she just kept laughing and laughing. It was so cute.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A New Decision

So, thanks to our friends the Goode's I have decided that when the time comes to get another, larger car. This is the one I want. A Toyota Sienna. Nice to drive, good ratings, and all kinds of fun features. I went with Erika to help her drop off one of their cars at the shop so I got to drive it, Eric told me I can never do that again. I guess me liking it was a bad thing. But just so you know, this is my new decision. And I wouldn't mind this blue color either.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

On to 2nd Year!

Finals are done and "technically" Eric is in his second year of dental school as that is what his classes count for during the spring extension. But I have to say I love having my husband back for however short a time. He is truly a different person when he isn't constantly needing to study.

Here are some pictures of what we have been doing lately....

This is actually a really bad picture of us in the car after
stuffing our faces at Duff's (the best place for buffalo wings) on our anniversary.

This is when you know that it is time to stop squeezing her into those jammies.
By the way, that is her pinky toe.

The BYU Ballroom dance team came here to do a performance, which was really great so I understand. Instead of trying to find a babysitter we decided to be a babysitter for someone else who wanted to go. This is Porter's best friend that is his age. Her name is Katie and if she is there, he wants to be there too. He asks to go to her house about 5 times a day. In fact after today at church, I think he would rather be part of their family then ours. But this is just one of the things that they did together.

We also go to go to the temple on Saturday. When we came out of the session it was so beautiful. We looked out the window on the sacred grove right when the sun came out after it rained. It was so beautiful, what a wonderful world the Lord created for us. And what a special place that we live in. The spirit really resides there.