Thursday, September 18, 2008

TMI, so we thought we'd share

Well, it feels as though we have had a very busy week. Lets recap. Porter got his first black eye this week. He was trying to climb on the counter without mom or dad watching and his hand slipped and he wacked his cheekbone on the edge of the counter. At first I didn't think much of it until I saw this huge bruise form that night on his cheekbone and now of course it has spread to his eye. It makes him look pretty tough. You can't really see it all that well in the picture, now of course you can but he won't sit still long enough to take a picture.

It was a long time in the coming but we finally had our first ultrasound this week. It was fun to see the baby. I don't know how much you can see on these pictures but one is of a foot and one is of the face see if you can tell them apart. (haha) The baby is healthy but BIG. It measured at 2 weeks bigger than my dates suggest. So they are going to be watching the size of the baby throughout the rest of the pregnancy, I'm guessing to see if they need to induce me or not. But we are pretty confident that it will be early just like Porter was. And probably as big or bigger. Crazy!

We were called as assistant nursery leaders in our ward which makes Porter think that he can get away with anything in there. It is a lot of fun. We have 8-10 kids right now and expecting 23 more in the next year. AAHHH!! But they did just come out with a new manual for nursery and it is wonderful. Our kids are great, it will just be interesting for a while when the new baby comes.

Porter learned a new dance and I wanted to show everyone. This was the funniest thing. He ran around our basement saying "na na na na" for forever it seemed. Eric and I could not stop laughing.

Also, we finally finished our dining room and all we have left to do is paint the chairs. But that is going to be done slowly but surely, so I don't have a picture of the table in there. But here is the finished product before decorating.



Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Definitely my son

So Porter really likes to help me make cookies (really he just likes to watch and eat chocolate chips). So today we made fudgebars and I had to use all the chocolate chips. So at the end he wanted to lick the spoon and I thought that I would indulge him since he hasn't been feeling good. But as you can see, he definitely is my son with the way that he is trying to get every last bit of chocolate off. It was pretty clean when he finally gave it back to me.
And he also loves pictures. You can hear him say "cheese" because he wants his picture taken. So I took another one.

He is the funniest kid. He also loves to do silly things with his dada when he gets home from school. Here is a video of one of those silly things.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back to School Time

It seems as though time really gets away from me now a days. So I thought I would briefly update again what is going on.

Eric is really getting into school as the homework, well studying, is really starting to keep him busy. He likes most of his classes, except for the boring ones like "Intro to Professionalism" which is just like his classes from his undergrad, poor kid. Anyway, he also was elected the secretary of his class and is really excited about it. He knows almost everyone and is having a lot of fun with his new friends in the study lounge where no one actually studies. (they have a foosball and air hockey table in there). But he loves the break from all the hard work.

I am still just hanging around home keeping myself and Porter entertained. We go to the park and the library along with the regular errands that have to be done. But I am getting too big to really be able to do that much with him. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone and that we only have 2 months left. WOW!

Well, that is pretty much what is going on now, oh and we got our dining room done, but I am not showing pictures until we put the table in and the pictures up. Next time we'll have more pictures.