Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bucky the Wonder Horse

This is Porters first time on Bucky the Wonderhorse. He thought it was great until he wacked his mouth on the mane of Bucky. It was cute until he started crying.

Snow Days

Porter had his first snow this week. He thought it was funny but did not really want to go outside which doesn't usually happen. We will take more to show when it actually sticks to the ground.

Monday, September 17, 2007

8 months in Idaho

Playin' in the tub

Well, we are back in Idaho, and thank goodness. We loved Arizona, but we are excited not only to be out of the heat, but to be back with friends. What a magical place Rexburg is. Porter is still growing like a weed and wants to walk probably more than we can know. He just turned 8 months and I can't believe is getting so big. He pulls himself up on everything and unfortunately has taken quite a few falls. But he is getting better at getting down and is working so hard on his balance. He has had the new experience of grass, but now loves it and will crawl all over it when we go outside, which is a lot now that we can.

8 month picture