Sunday, June 24, 2012

my teeth are singing...

I guess we are going to go backwards since I don't know how to use this new blogger format (obviously I haven't posted in a while).  Here was our fathers day gift to Eric.  A malt ice cream and dark chocolate brownie cake.  It was soooo good.  And really super easy.  Every one loved it. (Port calls it the spunkin whoppin cake, really it just had whoppers on it.)

This is what we have been doing to keep ourselves entertained in a small apartment when we don't have a car and it is too hot to walk somewhere to play outside.  It has actually been a somewhat fun experience, but I think it will be good for everyone's sanity when we get to our new house next week.

When we were in Utah we went fishing up in Mantua (for non-Utahn's it is pronounced man-a-way).  The kids thought that it was great until they actually caught a fish.  Then they didn't want anything to do with it.  And ran from the front of the boat to the back and drove everyone crazy.

We said goodbye to all of our wonderful friends in Buffalo.  I really miss everyone and feel a little lonely down here in OK, but we are hoping to make friends soon in our new ward.  There are some other couples that have just moved in that are residents so we are kind of in the same boat.  It will be nice since thats what we are used to.  But we miss you SO much.  Feel free to visit us anytime!

Our little froggie turned 1.  I can't believe it.  She has been my slow baby, slow crawling (compared to my other kids), really slow teething, and slow walking.  She has finally figured it out this last week and officially has 4 teeth.  She just walks and tried to run everywhere, and doesn't really want to be held anymore.  She is so much fun and chases the other two from room to room.

This was her cake.  I wish I would have gotten a better picture of it.  It was a lot of fun and she got the whole top to herself.  She ate some of it, but mainly just destroyed half of it.

I am officially married to a dentist.  And I still don't let him watch me floss my teeth.

Adie had a dance recital that she actually danced in.  They danced to bibbity bobbity boo.  She did really good and was so cute.  But I think her favorite part was the dessert afterward.

Eric had a senior dinner/award dinner thing.  I didn't want to go in my old church clothes, so I made myself a cocktail dress.  I thought it turned out pretty good, but there are some things that I would change if I did it again.

And as for the title of the post.  The other day we were swimming in the pool and Port was shivering.  We asked him if he was cold, he said "no, my teeth are just singing."