Friday, April 20, 2007

Fun in the Sun

Sorry that last one was posted so late. We were in the process of trying to get ready to move and I am just a little slow with it. Anyway, now we are here in sunny Arizona where we are already dying of heat. The natives here think we are insane wearing shorts and t-shirts with no jackets all the time. One of Eric's mission companions thought our apartment was cold and kept his sweater on the whole time he was here. I guess it is because when we left Idaho it was in the mid 50's or so. Here it is around 75 or 80 already.

Well, we celebrated Porter's 3 month birthday yesterday and he is just doing wonderful things. He wants to see everything that is around him. He is really starting to play with his toys now. Just this last week he started to reach out and grab the toys in front of him during tummy time. I was shocked and had to call Eric at work. The same with his toys that hang from his carseat (which he hates now because of long car trips.) We are finally getting back on schedule, just to go off it again when we go on vacation to California next week. We are so excited for a real break. And mom is excited to take Porter to the beach for the first time. He likes the pool when he gets to relax in his pool floatie, otherwise he just doesn't know what to do with so much water. But I absolutely love his bathing suit. (Thanks Grandma King) It will be fun for him to see so many great-grandparent and great aunts and uncles (what a weird thought).

We also got to spend Easter Sunday with Kevin, Laura, and Sierra down in Tucson before we moved into our apartment. It was fun to see what the two babies would do with each other. They are eight months apart and hilarious to watch getting used to other babies. Porter was looking at her like he had never seen another little person before. It was great.

Mom is also going to take Porter up to Utah next month to play with Uncle Carl for two weeks. It will be fun for us to see more family and get to know baby Mason (Porter's first boy cousin on the Nielsen side). It is definitely an exciting time in life for our little family.
(this is Porter and Sierra trying to sit up next to each other at Kevin and Laura's. Laura and I could not get Sierra or Porter to look at us for forever. I think Laura finally did, but I don't have that picture. Aren't they cute though?)