Sunday, April 18, 2010

Part deux, trois, quatre.... it's long

So I found it a lot faster than I was going to. Maybe I just opened my eyes because low and behold it was sitting out in the open....where I usually loose things.


Just want to forewarn you....this is a really long post to catch up on everything that has happened in the last almost two months. I did divide them into categories instead of dates just because I don't really remember the order.

My Silly Kids...

This was actually during our little birthday party for Eric this year. The kids picked out some things for him from the dollar store. Porter got him firemen guys like the little army guys and has loved every minute with them. Adie got him a "ginormous toothbrush" (yes that is actually what it is called) and some funny teeth. Porter and Adie are the only ones that have worn them and we think it is hilarious.

especially Adie....

We let someone borrow our car one night to move some stuff and took our carseats inside. The kids thought this was the best thing in the world. They even sat in them and listened to general conference for a while. But for some reason they both wanted to sit in Adie's carseat. They really do have fun together.

Adie has fallen asleep in the wierdest places lately. Here on Eric's lap. She had been screaming and all of a sudden flailed her head back and fell asleep. Eric was laughing so hard that he almost couldn't keep her still enough to stay on his lap.

This one she just conked out on the couch after playing. Both times was while Eric was watching them. Maybe she just gets bored with him.....

This is one place in the winter that the kids love to sit. There is a heater vent behind them. They go there first thing in the morning and then whenever they get cold. (or whenever the heater is on) They eat snacks there, play with their toys there. Giggle and sing songs there, and annoy eachother there.

Poor little Adie got roseola right after I had my surgery. She had a really high fever for a couple of days then got this rash all over her body. Poor baby, I felt so bad for her and I couldn't even comfort her.

Porter is just a silly kid, and yes this is how he always eats his bagels. I can't believe how big he is getting though.

Foods I am proud of making...
This one we actually made today out on our grill because it was kind of warm enough. It is braided pork loin, mediteranean tomato bites, and twice baked potatoes. I thought the meat turned out pretty.

This is the pie we had for Eric's birthday. It is blueberry cheesecake pie. My own creation of a combination of recipes. One of our favs now.

This is cranberry swirl bread with walnuts in it. It is actually a bread dough and is absolutely delicious...which I was grateful for because I made it for some people as thank yous never trying it....few! If not I would have totally done something else bigger to make up for it.

This is like a meatball torte. You are supposed to use a spring form pan, but I just did a cake pan and it worked just the same. It was delicious too. I really liked how pretty it looked right out of the oven.

We started off March with my surgery. Everything went great. I wanted to be better the next day, but of course that didn't happen. You can see my gross swollen tummy. Although I swear it looked worse from my angle than what this picture shows....don't mind the stretch marks.

Eric wanted to document me sleeping in a chair in our room ugly and in pain. He just came upstairs with a camera and said "smile"....yeah right. I think I was delirious. And yes there are frozen strawberries and raspberries on my shoulders because we didn't have ice packs. Frozen strawberries stay frozen a lot longer just so you know. (For those of you lucky people who haven't had surgery in your abdomen, when they go in the inflate your stomach with air so they can see what they are doing. Well, they don't suck it out before they close you up so the air has to escape or disappate somehow, and with the help of good old gravity, it settles in your shoulders and feels like your collar bone is trying to escape. The ice or cold helps it for some reason. Who knows maybe it just make it sink back to your stomach until it warms up again.)

We had a lot of celebrations in a row this year. We are going out of order, but oh well. These are the kids in their Easter outfits. They looked so darn cute and I love Porter's face in this picture.
I posted two pictures because the one that shows the whole outfit Adie is looking away. That and they are the cutest kids in the world...who wouldn't want to look at them more.

This is what they sell in the grocery store for Easter. Forget chocolate bunnies, get the chocolate buffalo. So of course we had to have them in our baskets.

Easter dessert was a pastel checkerboard cake decorated like a sunflower made with peeps and chocolate chips. It was a lot of fun and really easy to put together.

This Easter dinner will send you into labor if you are pregnant. Just ask Natalie. This is our version of a crown roast (Eric called it his flower roast) with some stuffing (that I thought was gross but other people liked), rolls, corn, and a salad. The pork was really good but we still have some in the freezer that we have not yet eaten. I swear this could have fed 20 families. Maybe not that many, but definitely a lot.

Eric's birthday was right after Easter and was a lot of fun. I made Eric a special breakfast that morning of some sort of egg roll up. They are actually really good but take a long time to make. Then we waited for Eric to get home. After a nummy dinner of appetizers (at Eric's request) we had our own creation of blueberry cheesecake pie. Can you believe he is finally one? Really I just didn't have any more candles.

This was taken at our shared birthday dinner at Red Robbin. This onion ring didn't like Eric.

And the piece de resistance.....This was my birthday cake a week before. I was so proud of myself. It took forever to make but was soooooo worth it. Luckily all the wonderful people at play group helped us finish it. We went to Famous Daves for my birthday so I didn't have to cook. It was wonderful. Eric even woke me up that morning with breakfast in bed. It was sunny and the kids were great. We had such a wonderful day, we even got to eat lunch with Eric at school. I couldn't ask for a better birthday.

Forever and a day....

So I know that it has been forever. Really the problem is that I cannot find the cord to connect my camera to the computer to upload them. Go figure. As soon as I find it there will be a ginormous post with tons and tons of pictures that are just waiting patiently on my camera.

Coming SOON!!!! Hopefully.