Monday, October 10, 2011

Chaos and then some

So this is in no particular order because I just don't have that much of a brain right now. I think I just need more organizing skills. I just feel like a chicken with my head cut off. Anyway, we had a super busy summer and beginning of fall. Here are some pictures of our fun. (from now on just so you know, I will be refering to my kids by their nicknames to just be a little more careful. If you know us, you will know who is what.)
This is a typical sight of our kids. They love playing around each other, and our little froggie doesn't like to be left alone at all. When the other two run into the other room, she starts screaming.
This is what we wear when Monkey picks out our clothes. This is how we went apple picking with Eric's class. It was fun....although we didn't actually pick apple because we already had a couple weeks earlier. We just had donuts and cider. They were really good.
During football season, every Saturday is appetizer night. So they are not full balanced meals, but I do try a little. This is a picture of ribs, zucchini fries, and sun-dried tomato cheese balls. We are getting a great list of delicious appetizers.
Hippo loves to do things with dad when he is home. Needs that man time, you know? So when he was painting the front porch, Hippo had to help. He really did a great job and is very meticulous.
I have realized over the last little while that I have instilled my OCD ness in my children. We had friends over for dinner a couple of weeks ago and Hippo wouldn't let them in until he had picked up the front room (which I had been asking him to do for at least 30 min prior). Monkey was frosting a cookie and freaked out because the frosting got on the side of the cookie instead of just the top. I don't think that I am that bad....but I guess maybe I am if they are.
Hippo started school. I still can't believe it. He has been going for over a month now and is doing wonderfully. It has really changed him...some for good and some for bad. But that just gives us more teaching opportunities at home. This is him with his teacher Mrs. McCarthy. She is absolutely great, I love the was she is with the kids. Hippo really likes her too, and always wants to take her flowers, cookies, muffins, or whatever else is special to him.
Here he is before we left for school that first day....SO excited.
I made these for him as first day of school treats. He was so excited when he woke up and saw this. He was nice and shared his treats with everyone.
Froggie just loves to be in the middle of everything. This one looks like she was just caught red handed or something.
We also did a LOT of canning this summer. We made 5 pints strawberry jam, 5 pints peach jam, 5 pints peach raspberry jam, 11 quarts pickles, 12-15 ( I can't quite remember) quarts peaches.... .and I think I am forgetting something. Oh yeah, 5 pints strawberry kiwi jam. So we were pretty busy with that.
Hippo and Monkey love to be superheroes, especially after watching Super Why. I think I need to make Monkey a REAL cape.
Froggie turned 4 months (even though she is actually 5 months now). She keeps us busy as she is fussier than the other two were, but she melts our hearts every day too.
We headed down to Letchworth State Park which is called the grand canyon of the east. It really is pretty, but definitely more like a resort. All the kids wanted to do was play on the playground.
But I loved the fall colors in the canyon, and the drive was gorgeous.
The kids also loved the waterfalls.
We also had some excitement of Eric getting in a car accident that totalled our blazer leaving us in need of a new car. We decided on a sedan (since we still can) and then wait for the next baby to buy a bigger car. That way it saves us on gas right now. There were other things I wanted to write about but now can't remember. Maybe next post....