Thursday, November 5, 2009

All things Halloween

We had an exciting Halloween this year as Porter is starting to talk more, can say trick-or-treat and understands what candy is. He still wouldn't stick his hand inside of the pumpkin when we were carving but it was fun just the same. We have a problem here where if you put out pumpkins, a neighborhood squirrel likes to come and eat out the seeds, or just eat the pumpkin. So this is how we painted one just so we could get this picture.

And this...

We had a lot of fun going trick-or-treating at the mall again this year. It is nice to have somewhere safe and inside to do this with your children. It only costs a dollar and the proceeds go to helping kids get off and keep away from drugs. So this is Adie after eating her frozen chocolate banana (given away for free at trick-or-treating).

The Porter LOVED his ice cream that he got to eat before lunch. Luckily, he had pooped in the potty that morning so it was his "big treat".

We also had a ward Halloween party. It was a lot of fun to have the kids run around and play games. Porter is such a timid child that when other kids ran in front of him in line, he would just step back. Which I am glad that he wouldn't fight and cry, but he almost didn't get to play some of the games because he would let all the other kids in front of him. I just love him though.

We went to the Great Pumpkin Farm for preschool the week before Halloween and it was so much fun. There was a petting zoo. Adie and Porter fed goats....

and lamas, a pony, a calf, and a really mean turkey.

They also had this ginormous playground with really fast slides (there was even a sign telling us so.) And this cute wooden train that the kids could play on (as long as they didn't climb on top). So this is them playing on the train.


A tradition in my family is to ice sugar cookies before every holiday. So we carry out that tradition. We made some Halloween cookies, and Porter got to ice some this year. He really just liked licking his fingers and wanted to eat every cookie after he was done.

But it was a lot of are the finished products.

Halloween was full of fun meals. For breakfast we had pumpkin pancakes which were absolutely delicious with sausage and eggs.

The for lunch we had grilled ham and cheese pumpkin sandwiches.

Then for dinner we had spiders covered in bloody ears, topped with eyeballs, leg bones and swamp juice. (Halloween pasta, pasta sauce with mushrooms, meatballs, breadsticks, and sour apple soda)

This is Porter's costume, inspired by his everyday playing. He was a fly that was being eaten by a frog.

Adie was our little ladybug. I was very proud of their costumes.

This is the newest happiness in my life. Adie can now have pigtails. I love it. It took forever to do it because she is not used to it, but looked so cute. Then she took them out.