Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Graduation, Moving, and News

I know I am doing this a little early, but I wanted to get it done before we move.

Eric graduates this Thursday and Friday and we are so excited. We are happy and scared to leave our home here in Rexburg, we have loved it here and have made some wonderful friends. But we know we will see them again some day. Eric is just excited to get on to the next chapter in life. It will be a lot of fun

For those of you who don't know, we will be moving to Utah this Saturday. Eric's parents are letting us live with them this summer to help save money for the move to New York, and luckily, they are kind of on the way out there so it helps. But one sad thing is that I don't know how often I will be able to check email and update our blog so this might be the last time for quite a while, but we will see.

Also for the news, if you already saw the wierd looking shrimp thing on the side, yes, I am pregnant with our second child. We are so excited. The baby is due, according to my calculations, November 22, although I am hoping it will come a little early like Porter did. We are also not going to find out what it is this time too. We really liked the surprise last time. We have wanted another one and it finally worked out that we could even try to have one. Lucky us. So life has been really interesting with morning sickness on top of the flu and really stinky poopy diapers.

Well, we love you all and hope that you have an amazing summer. We will probably talk to you again in July or August some time.

Eric, Melissa, Porter, and baby Nielsen

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Birthdays and Illness

Well, I would post a picture this time but no one probably would have even wanted to look at us. Eric and I are both celebrating our birthdays (mine a week ago and Eric's on April 6th). So we just have fun for a week and call it good.

My birthday was great. I woke up to Eric making me eggs benedict and doing everything to take care of Porter in the morning. When he came home from class he brought me a flower that is still blooming and is absolutely gorgeous. And then I made my own dinner and cake, which is fine because I knew exactly what I wanted. We had those southwest chicken wraps that I put on the family recipe site. They were so delicious, and the cake was great too. It was angel food cake layered with strawberry jam, iced with whipped cream, and topped with fresh strawberries....YUM! What can I say, I was spoiled.

Then Porter got the flu, poor little guy, I felt so bad for him. He is finally back to normal. We have been working on sharing in our home, and Porter thought he would share the flu with me. So I got and was throwing up all over the place. Eric actually had to come home early to take care of Porter because I couldn't get up off the couch. Eric kind of got it which was good so he could go to class, but it made me jealous.

Eric's birthday is tomorrow, but we celebrated today and had fun watching conference together. We got to stay home and watch it on our computer, Porter was so confused at what we were doing, and then was thrown off the rest of the day. You really don't get to listen as much with little ones. For Eric we had smothered chicken for dinner (almost like the Texas Roadhouse). And are waiting for our strawberry blueberry pie to cool enough for us to eat it.

We love you all and are excited to see all of you come up this week for graduation. Just please exuse all of the boxes all over our house.