Monday, October 19, 2009

New Batteries

Well it is time to catch up with everything that has gone on. So bear with me. This is definitely going to be a long post.

First off on one of Eric's days off we went down by Orchard Park to the Eternal Flame. To those that don't live around here, it is a natural gas leak underneath a waterfall. When it gets lit it will burn until the waterfall puts it out. Thanks to friends with hiking backpacks for kids, we were able to hike along with Porter and Adie on our backs. It was beautiful as you can see by the pictures. Unfortunately everyone else and their dog was there that day too. But we still enjoyed it. Next time, we will actually wear tennis shoes.

I thought this was a really cool tree that I saw right down by the falls. I was impressed.

Porter's new favorite hat which actually inspired his halloween costume. You will see soon what he is. I am really excited for it.

These were some fun cupcakes that I made for a baby shower. The theme was about frogs, snails, and puppy dog tails. I was really happy with the outcome.

Adie turned 10 months old and has actually been walking for a month already.

The kids are getting big (as you can tell by the strain on Porter's face) and are really having fun playing together. It is a lot of fun to listen to them laugh most of the day.

Poor little Porter woke up last Tuesday looking like this. I thought it was a little humorous thinking he just bumped his face until I found a couple of other body parts that were completely swollen. In a panic I called the doctor, a urologist that is in our ward, and any one else I could think of, wondering if I need to take him to the hospital. Come to find out it was a random allergic reaction (we still don't know what to). By the next morning he was pretty much back to normal. Then on Thursday he woke up and his face was swollen again along with his hand that looked like a blown up doctor glove. So this time we tried Benadryl, stripped his bed and washed everything, and Eric gave him a blessing. It hasn't happened since.

The kids ready to go on a walk in the cold to get the Benadryl. It really was cold enough to dress them up this much. The wind was freezing that day and we didn't have a car.

Then Adie turned 11 months. I can't believe she is getting so big. My little girl is really growing up. She is starting to say some words as well, it is so much fun.

This was Eric's (rather sad) effort to grow a beard. I want to say it was like 4 weeks of not shaving. I have to admit I like him much better clean shaven.

This is Dada holding his babies, holding their babies. It was so cute. Adie also learned how to burp her baby today. It is so cute to watch her "take care" of her baby doll.