Friday, January 25, 2008


We can't believe that Porter is already a one year old. And he is just as cute as ever. It is so much fun. Now he just walks all around our aparment without getting into too much except he always has to have something in his hand. Lately he has preferred our extendable duster, or the broom. Both are hard to carry, but he does a pretty good job and loves to help mom clean. But he absolutely loved his cake but got sick of it toward the end. He was a little wired for a while, then fell asleep before any of his friends left. Poor kid. Anyway, here are some pictures.

His 1 year photo, the last with his bear strategically placed.

Eating the cake which at first he didn't know what to do with.

When he was "Ah duh" and not knowing what to do.
We had to take him straight to the bath after this one.

Monday, January 7, 2008


So here is Porter when he finally started to walk. It is so cute to watch and he just loves to walk all over the place. One day while we were at my mom's he just stood up in the middle of the room and walked across the room to one of his toys. We were all so shocked none of us could do anything. And when we first got home he wouldn't walk around here. It think it is because the floor feels different and is colder than at my parent's house. But now he walks everywhere and is getting better every day. It is so much fun.

New Year's

Again we were in Oregon for this holiday and had lots of fun. We got to have a lot of fun carry on some fun traditions that we have in my family.

This is the New Year's Eve tradition of an ice cream clown cone from Baskin Robins. He loved this and attacked it when we gave it to him then was distraught when we took it away.

We even got to go on a carosel ride. Porter did not know quite what to think of it and was a little scared at first but liked it in the end. He reacted the same way both times he went on it. But he like to look at all of the horses and mirrors on the center of the ride.

Porter got to play with the only cousin on his mom's side that he has ever met, Ali. They had so much fun and Porter followed her around everywhere. It was so much fun to watch.

Christmas in Oregon

We got to spend Christmas break with Grandma and Grandpa King. It was a lot of fun to see them and to let Porter get to know them a little better.

Porter Opening his very first stocking

Opening more Christmas presents

Porter and his bounteous loot
(There was even more at home)

We had a lot of fun and Porter got to play with grandma and grandpa and was spoiled more that he could ever imagine. That is just what happens at grandma's house. Also Porter learned how to walk while we were there but would never let us get him on camera so we had to do it when we got home.