Sunday, July 19, 2009


So here are a few of the aftermaths we have had lately....

Porter's first fudgesicle

He really is more chocolatey than you can see in the picture. But he enjoyed every minute of it and we got to hose him off afterwards.
Adie's first teething biscuit

And yes, oddly enough all of that came out in the laundry thanks to the magical oxi clean
After 4th of July treats (I must say I am pretty proud of this. It was a blueberry cheesecake pie all in one.)

Porter just catching an Adie with his fishing pole

She was as shocked as he was.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Father's Day

I know this is way behind, but I just wanted to say how great of a father Eric is. That was one of the biggest reasons I married him. I wanted my children to have a father like him. He does everything for his children and his wife even though they are sometimes demanding.

So this year, Porter understood a little more and we made cards for dad and Porter got him the book "Just me and my dad" with little critter. I remember those books from when I was little and Eric and I both can hear the tapes that went along with them as we read.

Adie made Eric a picture frame that he can take to school with him next year and put in his locker. It was a lot of fun to be able to bestow gifts on him to show him how special he is to us. And I got him a meat thermometer for his grill that he was more excited about than I would have thought.

Anyway, happy belated father's day to all you dad's out there.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Many, many things

Well, a lot has happened since I last posted so I will be slowly updating, maybe one like every other day or so. That way I don't miss all too much. With that said, here is the first...

My sister and brother-in-law came out to visit on their cross country trip to celebrate the graduation of both from college. I was so excited as it had been about a year since I had seen them last. Porter was so excited and would ask where "Maaaeeee" was all the time. He was also very demanding as he would tell her to sit down all the time so that he could play ball with her. Although, he kept getting Uncle Rob confused with Carl who had come to play with him a lot. We took them to Niagara Falls which was the first time that Mandy and Rob, and our kids had ever been there. And a beautiful day for it. Although the mist was a little thick so we couldn't see the full horseshoe but it was beautiful none the less. Porter kept wanting to get closer to the water so we had to keep him strapped in the stroller.

Since Eric was still in school we had to do some things without him. So we went and played at the park for and ate lunch there. It was a lot of fun. Porter loved playing soccer with Rob. It is one of his favorite sports and actually calls it football.

This was also Adie's first time at the park and she had a blast but her legs stuck to the slide so she didn't get very far sliding. So Mandy helped her walk down instead.

Adie also turned 7 months and I couldn't get her to sit still for anything. It was actually quite entertaining. Here are a couple from her photo shoot.

As you can see she is crawling and sittin up now. She loves to follow her brother around everwhere and has mastered going up the stairs, but not coming down yet. But she is definitley a busy girl and loves to play with everything and everyone.

And then this was her just sitting out on the grass of our backyard. She just wanted to strike a pose...well, not really, she just didn't want to touch the grass with her hands.