Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's a girl!

So here is the story of our little Anastasia.
Contractions started Sunday morning.  They weren't consistent by any means so I thought they were false labor again.  By the time we were supposed to leave for church, I had several that were only 4 minutes apart.  Thinking this might be the real thing we decided to stay home.  Of course a half hour later or so, they all but stopped.  I was disappointed because I thought....oh great, we stayed home for nothing but false labor. We should have just gone. 
I continued to have contractions thoughout the day, but nothing consistent by any means.  So we went to bed.  Eric fell right to sleep.  I couldn't get confortable so I got up and wandered around the house, turned on a movie, tried to keep myself occupied.  I wanted to let Eric sleep in case I needed him later.  Around 1am I started to time them.....still about a half hour apart.  Been there, done that, probably false labor again.  At around 2:30 or so I decided to go try to sleep.  When I layed down, the contractions got harder.  Luckily Eric was right there to help me get through them.  I decided that laying down was not what I wanted to do so I went to sit in my recliner with a warm rice pack pressed up to my back.  Yes, once again, I was having back labor.
At 3am the contractions were regular, about 10 minutes apart.  They slowly got closer together and much stronger.  I was able to let Eric sleep until about 5am when I just couldn't do it by myself anymore.  I sure do love my husband and all he does for me.  He sat on the windowsill next to the chair so I could squeeze his hand during contractions. For the first time I thought I was going to throw up, luckily I didn't.  I did end up changing positions to the floor.  For some reason I like the floor when I am in labor. 
I am not quite sure of time at this point, I think I was a little delirious.  But anyway, I think it was a little before 6 that I told Eric to call the midwife and let her know. My contractions were about 2 minutes apart by then and I knew we were getting close.  I think it took about 15 min or so for her to get to our house.  Right before she got here, I felt like I needed to push so Eric layed me down so I could breath through them better until she got here. 
 Just after she had set everything up she checked me and told me I could push at any time.  Oddly enough, I didn't feel the need to push but did anyway.  She slowly came out.  I was so exhausted by this point, I didn't hardly feel like I could push.  Luckily, our bodies are made so the they get pushed out regardless of what I do.  So she came slower than the other kids, but I think that was WAY better in this situation.  I remember that I thought it took forever for contractions to come for me to push.  Never had that before, ususally they are right on top of each other.  Another blessing for me I think with being so tired. 
There she was...a beautiful baby girl with a lot of hair  .Everything was slow after that.  Clean up was slow and I loved it.  One of the first things that Eric said after "It's a girl" was "What are we going to do with three girls in a row?"  I had to laugh.  When they weighed and measured her no one believed how big she was.  They actually weighed her several times to make sure it wasn't a mistake.  I couldn't believe I gave birth to a 10 lb baby without any problems.  No tearing or anything.  I guess I was just made to have babies.  I do believe that it was a blessing that she came so slow or I probably would have torn.  She loves to eat and is really mellow.  Looking back now, knowing how big she was, no wonder I was so uncomfortable.  Sometimes I think it would have been better had she come two weeks ago.  We might have just been in the low 9's then.  Oh well, we are glad she is here now.
  I absolutely LOVED having a home birth.  I loved not having to wake up my kids or anyone else (besides the midwife) to have the baby.  I loved that my husbands attention was able to be solely on me instead of having to answer 500 questions from the hospital.  I loved that I could give birth in a mostly dark room where I was comfortable, and could be in any position I wanted to be in.  I loved not having to deal with nurses that don't listen or are grumpy.  And I loved being able to get into my own bed after ward so I really could sleep.  And I love being able to let my kids see the baby whenever they want instead of only for a little while.  I am definitely going to do this again with the next baby.  Such a wonderful experience.  And such wonderful midwives. 
Me and Tasi a couple hours after birth, in my own bed.

Tasi awake and looking around for the first time.  She is really mellow so far and hope it stays that way.  In this picture it looks like she is bald on top, she isn't....it is just still matted down.  We will take another picture after her bath and post that.

Our not so little family anymore.

Dana, Tasi, and me after a shower.  Dana delivered Tasi.

Lottie has been super giggly since the baby came.  Here she is laughing with Dada

Lottie likes to look at the baby but doesn't really want to touch her.  I think she is going to like being the big sister.

Although Porter was a little disappointed to not get the brother he really wanted, he is still way excited.  And loves being able to hold her, and wants to tell everyone about her.  He has the same problem we all do....he keeps wanting to call her Charlotte.  We'll get used to it.


Natalie said...

I cant believe you didnt tear! I tear with my teeny tiny babies! You almost convinced me of a home birth. Congrats again and we miss you guys. Also, we're moving to Idaho.

Angela said...

WOW good for you!

So...your kids really slept through the whole birth? That was my question was where were they...and I wonder about the mess, but really don't have to go into detail there.

She sure is a beautiful baby! Congratulations!

Angela said...
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Tasha said...

Congratulations!! Like Natalie I am impressed that you didn't tear. I have torn with all 3 of mine, and they have been far from 10 pounds!!

I love the name you picked out. I'm impressed you blogged so soon after! :)

Gurr Family said...

Congrats!! She is adorable. I love seeing how big your family has grown since we first met you. Your children are all adorable!

Lynae said...

Congratulations!! I am glad you both are doing well, and that there were no problems.

BriANDaleen said...

Congrats! Can you believe you're a mother of 4?! You have a beautiful little family ;)

Melissa said...

AMMAAAZZING!! I just love this and congratulations on such a great birth experience at home! You are a wonder woman and I just want to see those babies!!